Expert Services

Dean Gale has provided consulting services on over 80 projects where claims and disputed extra work issues were the subject of litigation, arbitration, or mediation between the parties. 

He has conducted analyses of complex construction delay and productivity claims, performed detailed schedule analyses utilizing CPM schedules, investigated disputed extra work claims, and provided litigation support services on numerous occasions.


  • Schedule Delays and Impacts
  • Delay-Related Costs
  • Labor and Equipment Productivity Losses
  • Disputed Extra Work Issues
  • Contractor Means & Methods
  • Contractor Management Proficiency
  • Change Order Management / Administration
  • Cost Records - Audits
  • Claim Preparation
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Litigator Support Services







Expert Services by Dean Gale -- Partial Project List

  • I-5 Ortega Hwy Interchange, Caltrans District 12, San Juan Capistrano.
  • SR-905 Roadway and Bridge Improvements, Caltrans District 11, San Diego.
  • I-5 HOV Lanes and Bridge Modifications, Caltrans District 7, Santa Clarita.
  • SRMH Chiller Replacement Project, Saint Joseph Health System, Santa Rosa. 
  • I-805 HOV Lanes and Bridge Modifications, Caltrans District 11, Chula Vista.
  • Route 86 Airport Boulevard Overcrossing, Caltrans District 8, Riverside County.
  • Encinitas Critical Care Building and Central Energy Plant, Scripps Health, San Diego.
  • I-15 Managed Lanes, Middle Segment, Unit 1, Caltrans District 11.
  • I-405 / SR-55 Interchange, MOS 2 & 3, OCTA and Caltrans District 12.
  • Valley Center Road Improvements, County of San Diego.
  • Galloway Pump Station and Force Main, County of San Diego.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility, San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital, San Diego.
  • Central Plant - LAC + USC Medical Center, Conco Cement Company.
  • SR-22 Design-Build Freeway Widening, Orange County Transportation Authority.
  • SR-111 Highway Project, El Centro, California Dept. of Transportation.
  • High Desert State Prison, California Department of Corrections.
  • Reclaimed Water Distribution Pipeline, Northwest Pipe and Casing Company.
  • LA Metrorail 7th and Flower St. Station, LA County Transportation Commission.
  • Santa Monica Municipal Airport Operations Center Project, City of Santa Monica.
  • Friant Hydroelectric Power Plant, CNA Insurance Co. and Tudor Engineering.
  • Freeway Interchange Project, California Department of Transportation.
  • Power Control Center Facility, Sacramento Municipal Utility District.
  • Pacific Torrey Reserve - Commercial Real Estate Development.